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Shelby Twp, MI 48316
Phone: 586.739.7414
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Mon - Thurs: 9 am - 8 pm
Fri & Sat: 9 am - 5 pm
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Summer Reading is here again! Download our Bingo sheet, compete a Bingo! and win a prize. All prize winners will be entered in a prize drawings for bigger prizes.

Weekly or Monthly Adult  Programs:

Evening Book Club: Meets the second Tuesday of every month in the Senior Center. 6:30pm.

Afternoon Book Club: Meets the third Thursday of each month in the Senior Center. 1pm

Mystery Book Club: Meets the second Saturday of each month in the Library. 10:30am

Not Your Parents Book Club: Meets on the last Tuesday of each month at Nick’s 22nd Street Steakhouse 7pm

Writers Group: Meets each Thursday in the Game Room. 6:30pm.

  Adult Programs at the Library

Organic Micro Farming: June 19, 7pm. Library Atrium.   Local resident and avid gardener Katherine Ruth will share stories of her experiences with a two-acre market farm, as well as how to get started micro-farming in the suburbs.

Sentimental Clutter: June 26, 7pm. Library Atrium.  Getting rid of clutter in times of transitions can be a daunting task. Whether if it is children going off to school, or moving parents out of the family home to smaller living spaces, or just decreasing stress with a little organization, Linda Malotke is here to help. She will provide hints, tips, and general ideas to help create memories while also clearing the clutter.

The Saucer Life: America’s Profound: Strange, and Amusing Relationship with Unidentified Flying Objects July 3, 7pm. Library Atrium.
From Roswell to Area 51, and from Project Blue Book to encounters with peace-loving folks from Venus, the Americans have been fascinated with the possibility that beings from other planets have been in contact with us. This presentation explores the history of American hopes and fears about alien visitation and there impact on American culture and society in the last seventy years.

Introduction to Astronomy: July 10, 7pm Library Atrium. Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wanted to know more? Jonathan Kade of the Warren Astronomical Society will share with us fascinating astronomy facts and how to get started exploring the night skies on your own.

Constellation Myths: July 17, 7pm Library Atrium. The stars form patterns that ancient peoples used to tell the stories of their culture. The stories of characters like Andromeda and Orion are passed down to us through the ages. Mythology expert Harry Campion will share some of the interesting stories of the constellations.

Haunted Lighthouses of Michigan: July 24, 7pm. Library Atrium.  Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state, with more than 120 dotting its expansive Great Lakes shoreline. Many of these lighthouses lay claim to haunted happenings. Former keepers like the cigar-smoking Captain Townshend at Seul Choix Point and prankster John Herman at Waugoshance Shoal near Mackinaw City maintain their watch long after death ended their duties. Join author and Promote Michigan founder Dianna Stampfler as she recounts the tales from Michigan’s ghostly beacons.

The Yanks are Comin’!  July 31, 7 pm. Library Atrium.
Yanks Are Comin’:  The reasons for the U. S, entry into the First World War and the turning tide after the American action. History professor Dennis Fiems returns to the library to present more of his terrific information about World War I.

Pamela’s Catering Presents Summer Salads: August 7, 7pm. Library Atrium. It’s the best time of the summer for alad fixings. Francine Salvatore, owner of Pamela’s Catering will be here to share instruction on sumer salad ideas and some tastings too.

Adult Craft Night: August 14, 7pm. Library Atrium Create something to take home that helps us celebrate our summer reading program Universe of Stories.