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Quality Services Audit Checklist


 What does QSAC stand for?

QSAC is the acronym used for Quality Services Audit Checklist.  It is a set of measures Michigan Public Libraries can use to benchmark the quality of services they are providing their citizens.  The measures come in three sets, Essential, Enhanced and Excellent.

 How does QSAC work?

Michigan Public Libraries interested in seeing how they are performing contact the Library of Michigan and begin the audit process.  The process begins at the Essential level and entails a self-study of seven different areas.  These areas are; Human Resources, Governance/Administration, Services, Collection Development, Technology, Facilities and Equipment and Public Relations.

 What do libraries receive for achieving Essential, Enhanced, or Excellent levels of service?

When a library achieves any of the three levels, they receive a letter and certificate from the Library of Michigan and their state representative and senator will be sent a letter detailing their achievement. Sample press releases will accompany the award.

That sounds like a lot of work just for a certificate, why bother?

“The QSAC audit is the perfect tool for a new library director to, 1) identify strengths and weaknesses of the library, 2) illustrate what the service population is getting for their money and 3) educate the public, and local community leaders on how their library stacks up against libraries statewide.”


                                                     -David Conklin, Shelby Township Library Director



Ok, so how does our library stack up?

On November 16, 2009, the Shelby Township Library received QSAC Essential Certification!  Although the library does not meet the essential requirements of square foot per capita, the library has met or exceeded all the other essential measures and was able to qualify by applying for a waiver for the square foot per capita requirement.


As of March 10, 2010, the Shelby Township Library meets or exceeds 70% of the Enhanced measures.

Whoa… hold on square footage per capita…?

What this quality measure represents is the size of the library in square feet calculated on the service area population.  The Enhanced formula for Shelby Township currently is “.4 x 73,804*”.  The end result is 29,522 square feet.  The Library currently has aprox. 12,500 square feet. 


                   * Based on the 2010 Census Data


That sounds like a good plan.  Then you can just kick back and bask in library glory… right?

Uh… no, the library will then begin the process of achieving the second of the three standards- the Enhanced Certification.  Even if the library currently has no hope of reaching all of the standards, they are good measures to strive for.